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About Us

Welcome to, a website that aims to give you a well-rounded information centre covering many topics that could contribute to maintaining a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life. In this context the word "Holistic" means "An approach to life that considers the complete person in achieving a balance that caters for the needs of their body, mind, and soul".

I’m Kathryn Moss, the Holistic Therapist behind During difficult times several years ago I experienced my first aromatherapy massage. I was hooked from then on and, as it was time for a change in direction, I enrolled on an intensive Holistic Therapies course from which I gained my Level 3 Diploma covering Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Anatomy and Physiology. Consequently I became a member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists and have been practising ever since, interspersed with short courses such as how to adapt treatments for cancer patients and facial rejuvenation massage.

I love my work now and I feel I have achieved a really good balance by implementing three streams to my business: my practice; making and selling Kathryn Anne aromatherapy products; corporate onsite massage (where I team up with other therapists as required). I hope you enjoy my website.

The areas covered in my site include many complementary or alternative health topics, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, meditation, and counselling. In no way does this site refute the benefits of conventional approaches and medicine where appropriate, however it will provide you with tools and information that could improve your quality of life and help you to help yourself.

We have a practice in Kings Cliffe in the East Midlands which provides therapies for our clients in the Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Uppingham, Kettering and Corby areas. Treatments offered include Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Body Massage, and Indian Head Massage. See "Our Practice" for more information. This extends to providing on-site treatments to corporations, where we can define a package that meets your business needs. See "Corporate Packages " for more information.

Kathryn Anne aromatherapy products are available through our online shop, Pure AromatherapyOpens in a new window or tab., and includes a wide range of skincare creams & lotions, bath & shower products, pure essential oils, pure essential oil blends, and home fragrance products such as essential oil burners, reed diffusers and aromatherapy candles.

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