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Corporate Packages

Employee Short Treatments

Scope of Short Treatment Package

The employee short treatment package is an intensive session where one or more therapists perform 15-minute upper body massage treatments continuously on a massage chair positioned in as private location as possible. It lasts just over 3 ½ hours during which the therapist can perform ten treatments with a ½ hour break in the middle and 5 minutes in between treatments. Should more treatments be required they can be spread over 2 or more days or 2 or more therapists can work alongside each other.

Employee Short Treatment Massage

More about the Treatment

The treatment is a set upper body massage routine comprising of a mixture of Swedish massage and Indian head massage movements, and including some acupressure points. In 15 minutes it will effectively release muscle tension in the upper body and provide welcome stress-relief from a busy schedule. A little bit of time out goes a long way! The employee will be seated at a massage chair, and has the option to remain fully clothed or remove their top. If upper body clothing is removed we can use oil or cream as a massage medium, which results in a better treatment and you benefit from the therapeutic properties of the medium. One tip for women is to wear a vest – that way we can simply pull the straps down once you’ve wrapped a towel around your chest.

Employee Short Treatment Massage


This package price is £150 per session per therapist plus expenses. It is possible that employees could contribute towards the price, however that would need to be organised by the employer.

A charge of £30.00 per hour per therapist will be made for travel time (beyond half an hour each way). We are based approximately 10 miles west of Peterborough. A charge will be made for mileage at 40p/mile.

To find out more please make a Corporate Massage enquiry.


Appropriate space will be required for one massage chair per therapist, in a private location close to the employee workstations.

Therapists will provide their own equipment and consumables.

The employer will allocate a person to coordinate the event. This person will be the single point of contact for us, and will be responsible for the following:

  • Promoting the event on site, using material that we can provide. This may involve sending out an email to employees, and displaying flyers or posters in strategic places.
  • Completing the booking form.
  • Distributing consultation forms to employees who book a treatment. Please note that we cannot give someone a treatment if they haven’t completed a consultation form. Blank forms will be provided.

The consultation form highlights which medical conditions require a doctor’s note and those that prevent treatment altogether. Individual employees who book treatments are responsible for completing the consultation form and obtaining a doctor’s note should one be required. They must bring the completed form, and doctor’s note if applicable, to give to their therapist prior to treatment. All information presented on the form will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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