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Holistic Therapy treatments

At Holistic Living we can offer you a variety of holistic treatments to suit your needs. We will always begin with a consultation, so that we can gather information to enable us to give you the most appropriate treatment, from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective. We will then agree upon the treatment together.

Follow the links below to get a flavour of the treatments we offer, and our prices too. If you have specific needs we can adapt treatments to meet them, for example by spending longer on the back and shoulders if you suffer from extreme muscle tension in that area. This is something you will agree with your therapist as treatments progress.

So, if you live in the Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Uppingham, Kings Cliffe, Barrowden, Nassington, Oakham, Corby or Kettering in the East Midlands and are in need of some holistic therapy why not contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage using a medium of aromatic essential oils diluted in carrier oil. Your Aromatherapist will perform a consultation and agree with you three main conditions you want to be taken into account when selecting essential oils...


Reflexology Treatments

Foot reflexology is a calming and balancing treatment that uses specific thumb or finger manipulations to work reflexes on the feet, as well as general relaxing massage moves. Your Reflexologist will cover all reflexes on both feet to give a holistic treatment, as well as focussing on particular areas of imbalance should any be identified...

Body Massage

Body massage is very similar to Swedish massage. They are straightforward massage treatments that can incorporate many different movements to make a massage vigorous or relaxing depending on your needs. They can cover the whole body or focus in on specific areas, again depending on your needs...


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is probably the most straightforward, convenient and versatile massage therapy. It is a wonderfully relaxing and calming treatment, using a variety of therapeutic massage movements that focus not only on the head but also on the upper arms, shoulders, and neck, where many people build up a lot of tension...

Treatment Price Table

Our standard treatments are listed below, however we can mix and match should you have specific requirements, e.g. body massage with aromatherapy facial. Please be sure to review our Treatment Best Practice Terms & Conditions before attending your first appointment.

Treatment Length Price
Aromatherapy Massage    
Full Aromatherapy Massage 1 hour 20 mins £50.00
Upper Body Massage 1 hour £40.00
Rejuvenating Facial 45 mins £35.00
Body Massage    
Full Body Massage 1 hour 20 mins £55.00
Upper Body Massage 1 hour £45.00
Back and Leg Massage 1 hour £45.00
Back Massage 45 mins £40.00
Indian Head Massage    
Intensive Indian Head Massage 45 mins £35.00
Standard Indian Head Massage 30 mins £30.00
Extended Reflexology 1 hour 15 mins £50.00
Standard Reflexology 1 hour £40.00
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