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Aromatherapy Massage treatments

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage using a medium of aromatic essential oils diluted in carrier oil. Your Aromatherapist will perform a consultation and agree with you three main conditions you want to be taken into account when selecting essential oils.

The chosen blend will then be gently massaged into the body, so that the essential oils can be absorbed gradually to do their work. It is a deeply therapeutic experience, promoting both deep relaxation and the therapeutic effects of the essential oils, such as invigoration, comfort, decongestant, calming etc. A full treatment will focus on the whole body, however this can easily be customised according to your needs, for example you may just want a back massage, or a facial. Clients comment that they feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards and ready to face anything.

Mixing a blend of carrier and essential oils is a crucial element of an aromatherapy treatment. For example, after consulting with you we may decide that you need the best blend for stress relief, muscular aches and pains, and congested sinuses. A good blend to choose for this would be 10ml of sweet almond carrier oil with 2 drops juniper berry (base note), 1 drop of sweet marjoram (middle note), and 2 drops of eucalyptus staigeriana (top note). Depending on your needs we may also decide to use a different carrier such as cream or gel.

Full Aromatherapy   Massage: 

One hour and twenty minutes of pure bliss and relaxation covering the back, shoulders, neck, head, face, abdomen, arms, legs, and feet. We will use a mix of carrier and essential oils, blended especially to meet your needs.

  Price £55.00

Rejuvenating Facial: 

Forty-five minutes of intensive treatment for the face, head, neck, and shoulders, starting with a ‘dry’ massage using movements designed to give you a natural face lift by smoothing wrinkles, reducing puffiness, and calming uneven skin tone. This is followed by an aromatherapy face, neck, head, and shoulder massage using a blend of carrier and essential oils that both meets your needs and is gentle on the sensitive skin in these areas.

  Price £35.00

Upper Body Massage: 

One hour of pure relaxation covering the back, shoulders, neck, head, face, and arms. We will use a mix of carrier and essential oils, blended especially to meet your needs.

  Price £45.00
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