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Client Feedback

Read some of our clients comments about their treatments:

"Holistic Living was recommended to me by my physiotherapist to provide complementary treatment for an existing chronic joint problem, and over the last 2 years regular massages have undoubtedly benefited the condition. I also highly recommend the relaxing aromatherapy and reflexology treatments, which certainly do the trick. Kathryn is very professional and friendly in her approach, and always tailors the treatments to my needs at the time. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all areas of massage and well being." - Helen, Peterborough


"I started going for regular massages with Kathryn after a car accident that resulted in whiplash, and I couldn’t believe how much more freedom of movement I had, not only related to the whiplash injury but in general. So although I am recovered from the injury now I am still going for regular massages and really feeling the benefit!" - Katie, Peterborough

"Kathryn has an interest in each individual client and takes time each session to find out the best way to approach each treatment. In a wonderfully relaxing and calm atmosphere, scented with aromatherapy oils mixed for individual needs, Kathryn combines her knowledge of the skeletal and muscular structures in the body with her understanding of ancient therapy practices to deliver a thoroughly holistic treatment. I always feel that my mind, body and spirit have been nurtured back to health after each visit and am keen to listen to Kathryn's expert advice to keep in me in shape until my next session!" - Lou, Peterborough


"I have been receiving treatment every two weeks for the last two years, which has really improved my personal health and mindset. The back massage has repaired an old sports injury whilst also providing relaxation, improved sleep patterns and not to forget that all important stress relief! The treatments remove muscle tension, aching limbs and provide a much better balance to one's lifestyle and general well being. Treatments act as a great preventative medicine and the ambient music allows real escapism from the rigours of the day. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn’s treatments for both men and women and often tell my friends how they would benefit from either regular or one off treatments." - Angus, Peterborough

Popular Holistic Living treatments

"I first visited Kathryn as a complementary treatment to follow on from physiotherapy after breaking my collar bone. Many people who had suffered the same injury told me of the limited range of movement they had due to not following up after the healing had taken place and I was not prepared to take the chance on what I would be able to do for the rest of my life.

The initial treatments concentrated on this area and now I am happy to say I have regained 99.9% of the movement I had before my fall. As we made this progress the rest of my body started to cry out for some attention too! I now have a monthly full body massage to sort out any new damage I may do to myself while living the life of an active horsewoman and manual worker. You don't have to listen to "whale music" if it's not your thing, I took along my own selection to relax to. Kate is friendly and professional and we have developed a great relationship, she doesn't even mind my snoring when I drop off during treatments!" - Anne, Peterborough


"I have been a client of Kathryn 's since she set up her business in Kings Cliffe. I have always found her service professional and friendly, and that her treatments have been targeted to my specific needs. I could not manage without my fortnightly back or full body massages, which are vital in controlling chronic shoulder pain. The aromatherapy facials are pure luxury and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. The whole experience is blissful. Nothing is too much trouble and every detail is attended to." - Kate J, Peterborough

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