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Foot reflexology is a calming and balancing treatment that uses specific thumb or finger manipulations to work reflexes on the feet, as well as general relaxing massage moves. Your Reflexologist will cover all reflexes on both feet to give a holistic treatment, as well as focussing on particular areas of imbalance should any be identified. If there are areas of imbalance it is possible that the corresponding reflexes will be sensitive when worked, and some people also feel interesting sensations in their body, such as tingling, warmth, lightness, a feeling of release or opening up. This is all good, a sign of energy flowing freely within the nervous system. Regular reflexology will often result in clients sleeping better and feeling generally calmer.

All reflexology treatments begin with foot cleansing using refreshing cleansing wipes, followed by application of a specially formulated silky smooth powder to enable us to perform the movements without slippage.

Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology Treatments
Foot Reflexology

Reflexology Treatment: 

Lasting one hour, this wonderfully calming and relaxing session covers the main reflex points on both feet and helps to restore balance and encourage self-healing throughout the whole body.

  Price £45.00

Extended Reflexology: 

Lasting one and a quarter hours, this treatment not only covers the main reflex points on both feet but also includes extra time for focussed deep work on areas that could benefit from further attention. We may choose this treatment if a previous session had highlighted areas needing intensive work. At the end we file your feet if desired and apply a lovely foot lotion so you float off with happy feet on a cloud of calm.

  Price £55.00
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For more background information: What is Reflexology?
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