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An Holistic Guide to Massage by Tina ParsonsNew Window

This is a comprehensive book geared towards students wanting to learn how to massage from beginner to advanced level and beyond. It covers the background, history, anatomy and physiology, practice, and includes a number of routines for different areas of the body. It also includes chapters on aromatherapy, Indian head massage, and reflexology.


Complete Body Massage: A Hands-on Manual by Fiona HarroldNew Window

If you’ve ever wanted to learn body massage this is the book for you! The author explains the whole process, from preparation through to completion in a way that is easy to understand, and including lots of photographs to help the reader. There is also information about how to handle common ailments, when not to massage (contra-indications), use of essential oils, and self-massage, as well as a useful section on further reading.


Thai Massage and Shiatsu Body Work by Nicky Smith and Hilary TotahNew Window

This unique book offers the best of two distinct but complementary body massage techniques. Thai massage is a dynamic and powerful form of massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, where the giver and receiver develop a flowing interaction working towards rebalance and calm. Shiatsu uses energy channels and acupressure points, applying pressure and using stretching and mobilisation techniques. The book gives expert step-by-step instruction and guidance on these massage techniques, from complete body routines to shorter sequences targeting specific areas of the body.


Loving Hands: The Traditional Art of Baby Massage by Frederick LeboyerNew Window

This book explains the simple but highly effective techniques of baby massage by following the beautifully photographed journey of a young Indian mother called Shantala. The reader learns how, in the weeks and months following birth, they too can use the gentle flowing rhythms of baby massage to communicate love and strength to infants.


Indian Head Massage – A Practical Guide by Muriel Burnham-Airey and Adele O’KeefeNew Window

This is an excellent book for students wanting to learn all about Indian head massage, very comprehensive. As well covering background, history, anatomy and physiology, and practice, this book does not neglect the Ayurvedic principles of Indian head massage.


Indian Head Massage by Francesca GouldNew Window

This book is easy to understand and good quality, giving detailed information on anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, chakras and auras without confusing the reader with jargon. Massage routines are clearly explained with text and photographs from beginning to end. At the end of the book is a memory card, which is very useful as a crib sheet when doing a treatment.


Mind Blowing Head Massage: Stimulate your Synapses with the Wonderful Technique of Indian Head Massage by Francesca Rinaldi and Michelle GarrettNew Window

This fabulous book covers more than 20 different techniques and routines for all age groups. It introduces all the basic strokes, as well as specific routines for stress-relief and headaches, relieving anxiety, or simply relaxing. The section on self-massage will enable you to boost your energy levels and even perform a natural face-lift!

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