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Yoga Books & DVD's


Yoga for You by Tara FraserNew Window

This is a book that comes highly recommended. The instructions for the postures are easy to grasp, the layout is great, and the photos are fantastic. It also provides a yoga course with a sequence of postures, which really helps in providing structure to practice at home.


Learn Yoga - DVD by Louise SearNew Window

One of the best things about this DVD is that it doesn’t include any celebrities or expensive sets, just great guidance from professional yoga teachers. Instructions are simple to follow, and whilst some of the poses are challenging you can take it at your own pace. Teachers also demonstrate the use of straps and blocks to help you with some poses.


Your Yoga Body - DVD by Instructor VimlaNew Window

This is a great DVD for beginners as Vimla is a great instructor and explains and demonstrates the postures really well. The workout is calming, however it does include a few more challenging postures.


The Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Postures by Christina BrownNew Window

This book is highly recommended and a must have for beginners as it’s so clear and easy to understand. It includes brilliant guides on over 150 yoga postures, each with one or more colour photographs to demonstrate how it’s done, plus variations of the posture. There is good instruction on breathing too.


Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Francoise FreedmanNew Window

This excellent book is suitable for both those who have practised little or no yoga and experienced yoga practitioners. It takes the reader safely through the three trimesters with mini sequences, explaining which muscles are being strengthened and stretched. It also takes you through the postpartum period with several progressive routines that help re-align the body and promote strength and vitality. The beautifully shot photographs make everything clear and easy to follow.


Yoga Pretzels: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups by Tara GuberNew Window

These cards are great for teaching children yoga. They are colour-coded to indicate the type of activity (breathing, meditating, stretching, partner positions etc.) and very child-friendly. One side depicts a colourful illustration of the pose or activity, whilst the other gives step-by-step instructions, with small diagrams, on how to achieve them. Children can choose cards themselves and create their own sessions if appropriate, which they love! These cards are great tools for teachers and parents alike.

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