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Body Massage

Body massage is very similar to Swedish massage. They are straightforward massage treatments that can incorporate many different massage movements to make a massage vigorous or relaxing depending on the client’s needs. They can cover the whole body or focus in on specific areas depending on the client’s needs. For example, people often hold a lot of stress and tension in their back, so are drawn to having a back and shoulder massage.

Here are just some classic massage movements:

  • The long flowing relaxing movements of effleurage.
  • Deep kneading and picking up, called petrissage.
  • Vigorous tapotement (aka percussion) movements such as hacking, cupping, pounding, and beating.
  • Movements involving fast rubbing of the skin, known as friction movements.
  • Movements involving vibration of the hand or fingers.
  • Applying pressure to certain points, using thumbs or fingers.
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The most common medium used for body massage is oil, however other mediums can also be used, such as cream, gel, and powder.

The benefits of body massage are as follows:

  • Can be deeply relaxing, invigorating, or both, depending on the massage movements used.
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation, aiding removal of toxins.
  • Relaxes and tones muscles.
  • Reduces muscle tension and can help with injuries such as muscle strains.
  • Removes dead skin.
  • Improves skin and hair condition.
  • Improves mental and emotional well-being.

Please note that a good Massage Therapist will always do a thorough consultation before commencing a treatment, and will also provide advice about aftercare and homecare.


The following books were referenced for this section:

Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Anne Woodham and Dr David Peters

Holistic Therapy – A Practical Approach by Francesca Gould

See our full range of Holistic Therapy books in the Further Exploration section.

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